Congratulations to all of the VZF award recipients

The end of the school year is always a busy time for the Victor Zando Foundation!   In May and June, the VZF presented awards to […]

2016 Newsletter

As we pause with our family and friends to give thanks, the VZF family would like to thank you for your loyal support and generosity.  We […]

2015 Newsletter

Read the 2015 Newsletter by clicking the below images

2014 Newsletter

Throughout the years we have received many wonderful letters from our scholarship recipients.  It is so gratifying for us when we receive a little like this […]

2013 Newsletter

In January of 2003, Tom Ramhold got a few family members and friends together and explained the “plan” he had in mind.  It was a simple […]

2012 Newsletter

These are busy times for the ever‐expanding VZF!  For 2012‐2013 there are some exciting updates to share. We currently provide scholarship awards and/or tuition assistance at three […]